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Boys Will Be Boys and Girls Will be Hanged

India is holding an election

The leader of the Socialist Party, Mulayam Singh Yadav, has announced that if his party gains power, one of their first tasks will be to repeal the recent change that introduced the death penalty for those convicted of rape

He thinks rape is no big deal and it is ‘unfair’ to hang rapists because ‘boys will be boys’ and sometimes they make ‘mistakes’

When another senior member of the SP was asked about these remarks, he went further.

Abu Azmi said women who have sex outside of marriage, whether voluntarily or as a result of rape should be hanged

I guess the SP is not trying to attract the female voters !

rape comment toon2edited


2 comments on “Boys Will Be Boys and Girls Will be Hanged

  1. duncanr
    April 15, 2014

    do not the women in these men’s lives – their mothers, grans, aunts, sisters, wife, daughters – have something to say about their outrageous views ?

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