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Happy Holi

Widows are no longer expected to throw themselves on their husband’s funeral pyre, which is an advance and yet . . .

Not allowed to remarry, considered bad luck, abandoned by their family, many widows are left homeless and destitute. Up to 20,000 have made their way to Vrindavan. There they rely on what they can pick up from begging on the streets and a little help from the Government and NGOs to eke out a pitiful existence

holi250 Holi is the Hindu festival that marks the start of Spring.. It is an exuberant festival with coloured powders  thrown about and people spraying each other with coloured water

The white widows have been criticised by some persons for disregarding the tradition that they should stay away from festivals by celebrating Holi this year ( but if the combination of Holi colours is believed to take all sorrow away and make life more colourful, who better than the white widows of Vrindavan to deserve this ?


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