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The Boys with Long Shorts

At the Winter Olympics we are seeing athletes striving to be best in the world. Do they enjoy what they are doing? Do they have fun playing their sport? Or is the only pleasure in being better than anyone else? They work so hard to be the best but I wonder what kind of person is it that wants so badly to be better than everyone else? Is there something lacking in their lives or some lacking in their sense of self worth that they so want/need the rest of the world to acknowledge that they are better than we?

Sport should be fun, not work.

There is a school for orphans and children of destitute single parents who cannot afford to raise their children. The school, St Catherine of Siena School and Orphanage in Bandra, has 3 teams of boys playing in the inter-school football tournament organised by Mumbai Schools Sports Association

The under-8 boys were thrashed 10 goals to none by the team from St Mary’s SSC (Mazgaon) but they were not sad. They were just pleased to have the opportunity to play and represent their school. That simple pleasure in playing a sport is perhaps no longer there for some of those at the Winter Olympics who only find pleasure in coming first?

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The school relies on charitable donations of food and clothing. There is only one football strip that all 3 teams must share. The under-8 boys 10-0 thrashing may in part have been because they had to wear the strip for the under-12 boys. It is hard to run when you need one hand to stop your too big shorts falling down 😆

Full story here –

P.S. if you would like to help the children at the school, contact Patricia Furtado 9833822124 or Alister Fernandes- 09930572218


Since reading this story, many people have been touched and have offered help to the school


3 comments on “The Boys with Long Shorts

  1. duncanr
    February 23, 2014

    interesting point you raise, meesha

    never thought about it before but you’re probably right

    olympic standard athletes are so focussed on being the No 1 in their field they have probably forgotten the simple pleasure of participating rather than competing in their chosen sport

    P.S. love the story of the young kids in the too big hand-me-down kits 😆

    Great find !

  2. tric
    February 23, 2014

    Great post, and your photos say it all

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