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Cops Catch Cattle Criminals

Uttar Pradesh has the worst crime record of Indian states

In 2011, about a third of all crimes in India occurred in Uttar Pradesh. It has also accounted for the highest number of violent crimes and murders, as well as crimes against scheduled castes and tribes, kidnapping and abduction; and dowry deaths (

An unenlightened person might think  the high crime rate is because

a. UP has fewer constables than other states in India and/or

b.  UP constables are idle beggars who regard F.I.Rs and the apprehension of absconders, and gathering of evidence as inconvenient interruptions of their comfortable daily routine  drinking tea and catching up with the cricket

Consequently,  the risk of getting caught and punished is less in UP than in other parts of India, so there is little to deter criminals from committing crimes

Such a view is of course quite wrong

UP police are fine fellows, keen to uphold the law, and apprehend evil-doers

Why only recently they mobilised constables from 6 police stations, and employed sniffer dogs in a massive search just to recover some property stolen from one local resident.

Such impressive enthusiasm and determination to solve crime must surely strike fear into other criminals and it is only a matter of time until the high crime rate in UP begins to tumble


3 comments on “Cops Catch Cattle Criminals

  1. Sean Smithson
    February 9, 2014

    Unbelievable that they put so much effort into this with everything else that you mention going on…

    • Meesha
      February 10, 2014

      In this case, it’s one law for the rich and powerful and no law for the rest of us

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