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Gay Maharashtra

In 1966,  Mina Kava  composed a song about Bombay (Mumbai). His wife,  Naju,  wrote the lyrics, and the result was  Evening in Gay Maharashtra.

When the song was composed ‘Gay’ meant only joy.  Since then, however, the meaning of the word has changed

Now, after the SC rejected an appeal against its ruling that  lesbian and gay sex is a criminal offence, a version of the song has been adopted as a anthem by the  LGBT  community campaigning for equal rights in India


2 comments on “Gay Maharashtra

  1. duncanr
    February 4, 2014

    so, a little prod was all it took ? 😆

    good to see you blogging again, Meesha – I’ve missed your posts !

    • Meesha
      February 10, 2014

      Next time you want something from me Duncs, try flowers instead of prodding. They work just as well and don’t leave me with bruises 😆

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