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2nd Marriages in India

A promotional video by a jewellery business has gone viral in India

The video show a woman preparing to get married, watched by a little girl

We then see part of the wedding ceremony, with the girl watching, feeling left out

To the obvious pleasure of the woman, her new husband sweeps the child up in his arms and the video ends with the man agreeing when the girl child asks if she can call him ‘daddy’

While viewers in the west may regard this video as sweet. To understand why it has gone viral and been the subject of much talk in India one must know that 2nd marriages are not so common in India as in the West

There is almost an ‘unofficial’ taboo on women remarrying. Many men (and their families) regard it as ‘unlucky’ to marry a woman who has been married before so it is regarded as quite daring that this company is raising the subject of 2nd marriages in their ad

I listened to a radio phone-in a few days ago talking about this ad and second marriages. A woman in her 20’s, widowed with a young children. Other women, divorced from violent, abusive husbands. All still young. All hoping for a second chance to find happiness, but resigned to probably spending the rest of their lives without a husband for, as many had discovered, any man who had shown interest in them quickly changed their mind when they found she had been married before (and had children).

Even those women who had remarried, complained their husband’s family were not as welcoming as they might be

Everyone deserves the opportunity to be happy. It is cruel to condemn a woman to a lifetime without a loving husband  because she has been married before and that marriage (often through no fault of her own) has ended. Hopefully, this video may be the pebble thrown into a pool that will lead to a greater social acceptance of 2nd marriages in India

(Of course, to some one who has yet to snare  find a husband, women getting married for the 2nd time might be thought of as greedy cows. But that’s a different matter) 😆


2 comments on “2nd Marriages in India

  1. duncanr
    February 2, 2014

    was it something I said ? 😆

    come back, meesha – where ever you are !

    • Meesha
      February 3, 2014

      Thank you, Duncan. It’s nice to be wanted, even if only by an old man 😆

      Too much happening in my life since past 3 months making blogging difficult but I hope to pick it up again soon. Till then, come back later. I will post a song you will like 😆

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