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Smart Phones, Dumb People

Smart phones are ubiquitous

Look around you

On a bus, train?

In a restaurant, bar?

How many people around you are speaking, texting on a mobile phone?

How many people are checking their emails, updating their status on Facebook?

Almost everyone (in developed countries) now has a mobile phone

(A recent report indicates that 10% of 5 yr old children have a smart phone (

I have one myself and would be lost without it

I use it to check the time, the weather, emails, txt messages.

I use it as a GPS device when driving to an unfamiliar place

I use it as a personal safety device, taking surreptitious pics of guys that freak me out . . . just in case.

(Some people might regard the latter as paranoia but they don’t bear scars on their inner thighs and tummy! –

I would be the first to acknowledge the benefits of possessing a mobile phone. However, I consider it the height of rudeness if a guy interrupts our date to tell all his mates on facebook that he is having a meal with a gorgeous chick (my description 😆 )  instead of  paying 100% attention to me

Yet look around you. How may people are using their mobile phones rather than interacting with their companion(s)?

We appear to be more comfortable interacting with people digitally than in face-to-face encounters


2 comments on “Smart Phones, Dumb People

  1. Parthajeet
    September 13, 2013

    Agree :). I have written a book called Smart Phones Dumb People?

    • Meesha
      September 23, 2013

      Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment

      Good luck with your book

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