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How to Prevent your Partner Cheating on You

Why do some people (man or woman) cheat on their partners?

More importantly, a recent study found that women were much better than men at identifying ‘cheaters’ just by looking at them –

The real question then is why can’t I do this ? 😦

A related question is how does a serial failure at spotting cheating men, like myself,  stop her partner doing the dirty on her with another woman (or man)?

I have given this matter some careful thought and think I have an answer. Since it takes two to tango, the solution is not to try to change the man’s behaviour (a waste of time and energy!) but to target rival women instead. The trick is to make your man unattractive to other women

How to achieve this?

Well, acid is one way

Though the disadvantage of this method is that it renders your lover unattractive both to other women and yourself, so it is not to be recommended

Fortunately, there is an easier way to stop your partner straying

yemeni man It is really sinful that good looking guys walk around inflaming female passions. (you know we can’t control our lustful desires when aroused)

What red-blooded woman, for instance,  could resist throwing herself at this man?

To prevent  bitches women stealing another woman’s lover then, we should insist that handsome men not be allowed out in public unless they wear the burqa. Like so …


Not so attractive now, is he?

Really, as a means of preventing attractive persons provoking uncontrollable sexual desires in the opposite sex, the burqa is the ideal tool for the job. I’m surprised no one has thought of it before!

P.S. if any ladies is looking to purchase a burqa for their husband/lover, my uncle has an emporium offering a range of unisex, one size-fits-all burqas on special offer in a post-ramadan sale. Details available on request 😆


4 comments on “How to Prevent your Partner Cheating on You

  1. duncanr
    August 11, 2013

    Ha, pull the other one, Meesha

    I don’t believe any man has cheated on you ever !

    Now if only I was a few years younger (Sigh) 😉

    • Meesha
      August 11, 2013

      You’d be surprised just how many, Dunc 😦

      Anyway, who are you trying to kid?

      A few years? It would take more than a few years, believe me!

      Keen as my family are to marry me off, even they would think twice about necrophilia 😆

      P.S. On a serious note, thanks for what you did last week, Dunc. Not many men would have done so. You won’t be surprised to hear, though, that Aide has opened a book on how long you’ll last before our new MD sacks you ! 😦

  2. frugoal
    August 11, 2013

    Hahaha! Great post!

    • Meesha
      August 11, 2013

      Thank you for visiting and your comment. Glad you enjoyed the post 😆

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