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Is Your Secretary Too Pretty?

We generally spend more time with our work colleagues than we do with our partners and family.

It is perhaps inevitable then that some office friendships develop into romantic entanglements

Sadly, not all such state of affairs prove satisfactory to all persons involved, particularly if one or both persons have a wife or husband

Disturbed by the number of amoral, amorous couplings between senior party officials and their secretaries, Rusli Habibie, the Governor of Gorontalo province on northern Sulawesi island in Indonesia has decreed that officials should sack their secretaries and replace them, instead, with male secretaries or women who are no longer attractive –

Wives will no doubt welcome this decree

So, too, will unattractive women for whom this decree promises more opportunity in the job market

It seems rather unfair, however, that all attractive secretaries should lose their jobs because a few have indulged in a bit of kanky-panky with their boss

Fortunately, Meesha has a plan to safeguard the jobs of these ‘at risk’ secretaries . . .

A secretary ‘conversion kit’

For a modest fee (the exact amount to be subject to negotiation and to reflect the vindictiveness of said wife and the likelihood of her finding out where I live), I will send to you, in a plain, unmarked, brown paper package the following . . .

complete with fitting instructions, which will enable you to convert your secretary , in seconds, from this . . .

to this . . .

I anticipate a heavy demand for these conversion kits so don’t delay. The number of kits is limited. Get your order in today !


2 comments on “Is Your Secretary Too Pretty?

  1. vishalbheeroo
    July 27, 2013

    Lol..that’s quite extreme. why make everybody suffer coz of a few? I believe that we gotta maintain a professional but cordial relationship at work. Work is no place for deep friendships or romance.

    • Meesha
      July 29, 2013

      Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment

      I agree with you

      A romance at work is likely to cause trouble, especially if the man occupies a higher position than the woman.

      The woman is in a lose-lose situation

      Her work may justify a reward or a promotion but if she is in a relationship with her boss he may deny it her for fear others will think he is favouring her. And if he does give her the promotion she deserves, her co-workers will think she got it not on her merit but because of her relationship with her boss, and will resent her, leading to bad atmosphere that may affect performance.

      Either way, she can’t win

      Better not to have these romances at work but if they do happen, then one person should leave and find a position with another company. Then they can continue their relationship without causing problems with co-workers

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