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Shocking Underwear

India is not a safe place for women. The recent gang rape and torture of 23 yr old on a late night Delhi bus – – has advertised that fact to the world as has the more recent gang rape of a swiss tourist in Madhya Pradesh –

Less extreme, but more frequent, is the almost daily unwelcome inappropriate touching a woman experiences from male persons. These assaults on a woman’s modesty and dignity have been given the name ‘eve teasing’; a term which trivialises the seriousness of the offence.

Now, three young girls from Chennai think they have a way to reduce the number of sexual assaults on women

Their solution?

Underwear fitted with pressure pads and GPS modules. When a man touches their lady parts, an alert is sent to the girl’s family and the police, together with a GPS signal giving her precise location. In addition, when touched, the undergarments will transmit an electric shock to the man (

Now before I rush out and buy some of this underwear I would want to know whether it comes with an on/off switch? I am not too keen on the idea that I might give myself an electric shock every time I took my panties down to go to the loo. And call me a slut, but I quite like when my boyfriend gives me an intimate fondle in public when no-one is watching. I’m not sure he would continue to exhibit such signs of affection if he was going to receive an electric shock whenever he did so. Nor am I too keen on the idea that my family would know exactly where I am every time I pull my panties down !

On a more serious note. Administering an electric shock to a sex attacker is more likely to anger than deter him and thus put the girl at greater risk of harm than if not wearing these panties. And the GPS location information is not going to help her much if her attacker(s) removes her underwear and takes her elsewhere to rape her.

The girls are thinking along the right lines but they are over-complicating the situation, trying to be too sophisticated and high tech. Older simpler solutions are often the best. I suggest a more effective way to fox rapists is for a woman to don one of these devices

chastity beltNot only do they provide protection against male marauders attempting a full frontal assault on her virtue, they also provide protection against any rascals seeking unauthorised entry round the back


2 comments on “Shocking Underwear

  1. theVERYsinglegirl
    April 8, 2013

    Oh my! Not that rape is EVER funny, I have to admit the electric shock so close to the lady bits is a wee bit counterproductive, no? Either it’s also painful to the woman, or the woman just feels light vibration from the shock? In which case…….counterproductive.

    • meesha
      April 9, 2013

      Indeed !

      I don’t think the girls have thought this through properly 😆

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