Meesha's Mish Mash

The “Joys” of Motherhood

Motherhood brings changes to a woman, not all of them positive. Suddenly she is responsible for this new life. She must feed it, clean it, clothe it, clean up all the mess it makes around the house, pick up it’s toys and clothes discarded on the floor, teach it to communicate in sentences rather than grunts, teach it how to dress itself, how to behave appropriately in company, hold it’s hand and comfort it when it is unwell, encourage and support it in all it’s endeavours, praise it’s successes, console and comfort it when it suffers setbacks, and act as unpaid taxi-driver ferrying it to one location after another. Fortunately, women are well-prepared to take on these duties, since looking after a child is not much different from looking after a husband ! 😉


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