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India : Violence Against Women

One story has dominated the news headlines here for two weeks since

Sadly, the young woman gang-raped and thrown of a city bus in New Delhi has died of her injuries

The wide-spread publicity this attack was awarded highlighted the risk women face of being attacked by men in public places. The shameful truth, however, is that in India women are as likely to be abused by male relatives at home as they are to be assaulted by strangers outside

According to a report published 10 years ago

Child Sexual Abuse

Out of 350 school girls surveyed

63% had experienced sexual abuse at the hands of family members

25% had been raped, forced to masturbate the perpetrator or forced to perform oral sex

Nearly 33% said the perpetrator had been a father, grandfather or male friend of the family

[Source: A research carried out 1997-98 by Sakshi an NGO]

Sexual Abuse

Out of 600 women respondents

76% had been sexually abused in childhood or adolescence

Of the abusers

42% were ‘uncle’ or ‘cousin’
4% were ‘father’ or ‘brother’

[Source: research carried out 1997-98 by RAHI an NGO]

Domestic Violence

Over 40% of married Indian women face physical abuse by their husband

1 in every 2 women faces domestic violence in any of its forms, physical, sexual, psychological and/or economic

[Source: INCLEN Survey, 2000]

These shocking statistics (and more) can be viewed at

There is a deep disrespect of woman in India that is clear even in the top positions in society

“According to mandatory self-declarations filed by candidates with the Election Commission and tabulated by National Election Watch, India’s leading political parties have offered tickets to 27 candidates accused of rape and a whopping 260 candidates facing charges for crimes against women ranging from assault to harassment over the past five years. As a result, two members of the current parliament and six members of the various state legislative assemblies are facing rape charges, while 36 others face charges for lesser crimes against women” (

(Thanks to Duncanr at Madhatters for the National Election Watch information)

If men can safely abuse their sisters, daughters, grand-daughters, niece is it any surprise they think to do the same to strangers in public ?


3 comments on “India : Violence Against Women

  1. annaindianlife
    December 30, 2012

    Please chweck out my blog too!

  2. shovonc
    January 2, 2013

    When I was young in Calcutta this problem was kept in check there by public beatings. You misbehave with a woman, you get the shit kicked out of you. But nowadays the goons are so ferocious and well protected that people are too scared.

    • meesha
      January 2, 2013

      Yes, it seems more common for the goons to operate in gangs these days, which makes people too scared to intervene.

      It is shameful though that in India a woman cannot go about her business without needing good men to step forward to protect her modesty and good reputation

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