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Sandy Hook Killer Gene Sought

evil geneScientists at the University of Connecticut are examining the DNA of the Sandy Hook shooter, Adam Lanza, the man who went on a rampage, killing 27 people (including his mother) – in the hope of identifying the gene responsible for his evil actions – see

Now, I am not a scientist so have little understanding of these things but my poor female brain, which is of course vastly inferior to that of a man and not capable of the clear, logical thinking so characteristic of the male, can not quite grasp how, if Lanza’s DNA is found to contain a suspicious gene, one can conclude that his murderous behaviour was because of that one gene?

Would one not first have to demonstrate that the DNA of other mass murderers also contained the same gene?

And would one not have to demonstrate that the DNA of non-mass murders did not contain that particular gene?

You see how my foolish female brain works ?

Let’s suppose though that scientists are successful in identifying a gene that causes men (but not women) to set out with guns to kill as many innocent people as possible. What next?

In such a scenario, can I suggest a mass screening to identify, and imprison for life, any person carrying such a gene?

Now some persons may object to this recommendation, but think about it. My plan has several advantages

a. potential mass murderers are removed from society before they can do any mass murdering, so there is less crime and communities are safer

b. More prisons will need to be built to hold all these potential murderers, thus providing a boost for the construction industry, electricians, and plumbers

c. the new prisons will need guards, and cooks, and administrators, thus boosting job opportunities and cutting unemployment levels

d. the jobs the newly imprisoned persons would leave behind would create more job opportunities for the unemployed needed to fill those positions

I think I’m on to a winner here. No need to tinker with gun laws. Jail everyone with this gene and you cut violent crime, reduce the murder rate, and stimulate the economy at the same time. No fiscal cliff to worry about. Problem solved

Really, I’m wasted in my current job. I should be a politician !


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