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Using Sex to Succeed

man and woman flirtingI was a bright student. Not one of the cleverest, granted, but clever enough to be almost certain of a good pass in my final exams. I felt it best, however, to take out insurance.

I’d always been a ‘lively’ student, ready to offer an opinion or ask questions in class. A few weeks prior to the final exams, however, I retreated into myself, not talking in class unless directly addressed.

I was trying to affect an air of distraction. I deliberately handed in a couple of assignments well below my usual standard.

The professor asked to see me

He was concerned about my recent poor performance in class and sub-standard scores on assignments. No more than I, I said. I wanted to do well in my Finals but was finding it difficult to concentrate on work because of ‘personal problems’

He pressed me for details. I hinted at ‘boyfriend problems’ and some issues at home (desi families always have some drama going on at home 🙄 ) but declined to elaborate

He offered me extra one-to-one tuition (dirty old man) to help me prepare for the Finals. I crossed and uncrossed my legs a few times, wiped a pretend tear from my eye, flicked back my hair, let it hang over my face, flicked it back again, and said I didn’t want any special treatment

As it happened, with a lot of last minute study and a lot of luck, I got the result I wanted in my Finals and didn’t need to use my Get Out of Jail Free card ; an appeal on the grounds that my exam performance did not reflect my true ability but was the result of stress arising from personal and family problems (with the professor to support my appeal) 😳

I was reminded of this shameful incident from my past on reading this report that a recent survey found that

“More than half of British women admit to flirting with men to get their own way”

(the remaining women lied!)

That flirting at work is the path to success is confirmed by the same survey that found that

39 percent of male managers admitted to employing a female candidate based on their level of attractiveness” and

Almost three in five employers – 57 percent – said that they gave preferential treatment to attractive employees

I have had mixed success with flirting. That I am still languishing in a subordinate position at work and have not yet been promoted to the Management position I so richly deserve can mean only one thing.

The all-maleManagement team think I’m an ugly cow do not recognise when I am flirting with them. Perhaps I need to leave a copy of this article on their desks ?


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