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Why Some Women Prefer Chocolate over Sex

woman eating chocolateA recent study by Cancer Research UK reported that a lot of women would rather give up sex than give up chocolate –

Predictably, this result has been met with baffled incredulity amongst men but, trust me on this, guys. There’s a reason for this preference

1. Chocolate makes no demands on a woman

The same can not be said of a man !

2. Chocolate can always be relied upon to make a woman feel good.

The same can not be said of a man !

3. Chocolate has to satisfy stringent health and safety checks before being allowed to enter a woman’s body.

The same can not be said of a man !

4. Chocolate is subject to quality control procedures to ensure no imperfect product enters a woman’s body

The same can not be said of a man !

5. A woman knows the pleasure she will experience when chocolate enters her body

The same can not be said of a man !

6. Chocolate comes with a detailed list of ingredients so that a woman knows exactly what she is putting in her body

The same can not be said of a man !

(chocolate does not deceive as to it’s contents, whereas men have been known to disguise the amount of their negative attributes and enhance/lie about positive attributes whether that be education, social standing, wealth, occupation, marital status, political/social policy views, personality attributes)

I could go on, but you get the picture?

When sex is good, it is great but . . .

If only men came with a certificate of competence, a document testifying to their level of knowledge and experience in pleasuring a woman, highlighting any specific areas of expertise, preferred techniques, perhaps including references/recommendations from women satisfied with the service they had received?

Such a document would allow women to make a more informed choice when deciding who to bed and go some way to avoid the disappointment when, after peeling off the wrapper, the product inside does not live up to expectation ? 😆


2 comments on “Why Some Women Prefer Chocolate over Sex

  1. kelihasablog
    December 26, 2012

    Thank you for visiting my blog recently… I’ve had cable problems off and on for the last several days. this is a very enjoyable blog! Thanks for posting. I enjoyed it quite a bit! 😀

    • meesha
      December 27, 2012

      Thank you for your nice words. I like your blog too and will be back to read some more 😆

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