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A Matter of Perspective

How we view the world and events or the judgements we make about people is influenced by our customs, culture, religion, upbringing, education, and life experiences.

I found this pic illustrating how parents may differ in how they may view the same situation. It made me smile, but also reflect on how much truth was contained therein. The perceived risk to the child very much depends on whether or not the viewer is the one doing the throwing and catching, i.e., the one in control of the situation, or the one who is a mere bystander, watching from a distance

Then I thought of the child’s perspective. I thought back to my own childhood, when my father used to throw me and my siblings into the air. It was scary but exciting too. At some level, we recognised there was a risk involved, but we had absolute trust that our father would catch us safely. So much so, that we would implore him to throw us higher and higher – squealing with a mixture of fear and delight as he did so.

Such unquestioning trust in our father to keep us from harm is a wonderful bond to exist between a father and his children. Sadly, there are too many children who never know that kind of love, either because they never (for whatever reason) know their father, or because they are abused by him !


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