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Uttar Pradesh a Safe Haven for Women

Rajya Sabha MP Rajpal Singh Saini has some wise council for men – don’t give cell phones to women or girls. It only leads to trouble

Recently, I met a father of a girl who was kidnapped. I came to know that the father had given mobile phone to his daughter, and I told him that giving cell phones to girls only invites trouble,” (

I’m sad to say that some unenlightened individuals (both men and women) have attacked the minister for these words, failing to appreciate he was wholly motivated by a praiseworthy desire to prevent women and girls from harm. Coming on top of a recent proposal that no women under 40 yrs of age should be allowed out of the home to go shopping (, it is clear that men in Uttar Pradesh (UP) hold women in very high regard to be so concerned for their safety

While women elsewhere in India are at risk of sexual harassment and assault by men, confining them to the home in UP and denying them one of those dangerous cell-phones will pretty soon make UP one of the safest regions in which to be a woman. One can hardly comprehend how blessed women in UP must feel knowing their well-being and safety is of such importance to UP men. They are surely the envy of women from less enlightened areas of the world !


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