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Rape : The Fast Food Connection

Well, burger me !

Why didn’t I think of that?

There’s a Smörgåsbord of reasons put forward to explain the high incidence of rape in India

– rape is but a natural consequence of excessive fraternisation (Mamata Banerjee)

– 90 percent of all rapes are consensual (Dharamvir Goyal)

– the marriage age for girls is too high (Om Prakash Chautala)

– women dressed immodestly, inflamed uncontrollable male passions

There’s one pizza the puzzle missing, however – fast food

Another important reason . . [why men rape women] . . is fast food such as chowmein and so on. They have an impact on the body. When we eat fast food, heat is produced in the body and this leads to faster production of sex hormones. There is no doubt about this (

Now if only I’d used my noodle i’d have thought of that myself

Well I don’t want to make a meal out of this

But it’s certainly food for thought


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