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Taliban Thugs

Few people now will not be aware of the 14yr old schoolgirl, Malala Yousafzai, shot in the head by Taliban gunmen who boarded the bus carrying her home from school.

Doctors have removed the bullet from her brain but she is still in a serious condition

If she survives this attack, the Taliban have said they will try again to kill her (


Because Malala wants to go to school and the Taliban disapprove of women having an education. Malala’s fight for an education, in defiance of the Taliban, has gained her recognition abroad and angered the Taliban

Why are the Taliban so against women being educated? Islam does not deny women the right to an education. Could it be that the so brave Taliban are frightened of women? That if we are educated we will not accept being treated as property to be owned by a man? That we will question rather than meekly accept their edicts? Or their particular interpretation of islam as being correct?

The Taliban claim religious authority to justify their decision to kill Malala. This is nonsense! The decision to kill Malala was simple macho pride, Fury that a woman, and one just 14yr old at that, dared to defy them. How can they seek to impose their will on others when they can’t get a young girl to obey them ?

It is un-islamic to attempt to kill a 14 yr old girl because she wants an education. Likewise, it is un-islamic to blow-up innocent muslim brothers and sisters in suicide attacks. (

The Taliban are killers, murderous thugs, pure and simple, who seek to control other people for their own economic/political gain whilst dressing their vile activities in a perverted interpretation of islam.

UPDATE – it is reported from the hospital where Malala is being treated that her condition has deteriorated and next 12 hours could be her last –


One comment on “Taliban Thugs

  1. duncanr
    October 17, 2012

    Agreed – whatever the Taliban say about ‘un-islamic’ behaviour in an attempt to justify their assassination attempt, the real motive was to avoid loss of face

    If you’re an organisation that relies on terror to persuade people to do your bidding, it is bad for business to have a 14yr old girl openly defying you !

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