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Uttar Pradesh Unveils New Health Care Plan for the Elderly

Better housing, better nutrition, and better health care means people are not dying as young as they once did

This is a bloody nuisance !

An increasingly elderly population puts great pressure on medical staff and resources as more and more of these ‘coffin dodgers’ seek medical care for their ailments.

It is a vicious circle. The more we interfere with natural selection and artificially extend the life of these elderly persons, the more bother we create for ourselves as they inconsiderately return again and again for treatment. (If they were less selfish and more considerate of others, they would take themselves off someplace quiet and let nature take it’s course when they feel a bit unwell)

Lazy scoundrels Health care officials in Uttur Pradesh, however, have quietly introduced a new policy when dealing with elderly persons which attempts to break this vicious circle

When police found 80 yr old Samay Singh lying by the railway tracks near Raghunathpur village, they took him to the community health centre (CHC) in Patara for treatment. Implementing their new Health Care Plan for the Elderly, staff at the CHC did not put Mr Singh on their books. Instead, they waited until the police had gone, then snuck Mr Singh into an ambulance and dropped him off beside the railway tracks at Behta Gambhirpur village, 8 kilometres away (witnesses say Mr Singh was not so much ‘dropped off’ as ‘thrown out’ of the ambulance – but let’s not argue semantics)


This selective culling novel, approach to the treatment of the elderly, while controversial in some quarters, has much to commend it – It frees up valuable resources e.g., hospital beds and medicines, which can be allocated instead to younger less troublesome patients. It also gives medical staff more time to play cricket devote to the patients under their care and so everyone’s a winner – well everyone except the elderly people

It will most also prove popular with families who stand to gain an extra room in their house (and one less person bickering over what to watch on the TV)

It really is a very far-sighted policy that deserves to be adopted more widely !


2 comments on “Uttar Pradesh Unveils New Health Care Plan for the Elderly

  1. shovonc
    October 9, 2012

    Ha ha! You’re doing it too. Go for it!

    • meesha
      October 9, 2012

      I’ve been inspired by your example 😆

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