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Father Approves Same-Sex Marriage

It was a shock when Artie Goldstein’s daughter told him she had fallen in love with a woman. It was not how he had imagined her life would be and he could not bring himself to say ‘yes’ when his daughter’s partner asked for his blessing on their planned marriage

He had a tough decision to make –

Did he with-hold his blessing and risk losing the daughter he loved?

Or put aside his own reservations about same-sex marriages and wish his daughter and her partner well in their future life together?

I have a reputation amongst my friends of being a hard-hearted bitch (I’m sure I don’t know why 😆 ) but O.K. I admit it – I cried (just a bit) when I watched this video (O.K. – a lot 😳 )

Jill has a damn fine Dad. If only more were like him. Sadly, though, the religious and societal attitude in other cultures towards same-sex marriages is a lot less tolerant than appears to be the case in California. In a culture where marriage to someone from a lower caste is frowned upon and may lead to a child being abandoned (or worse) by it’s family, expecting a dad to react in the same way as did Jill’s dad when told his daughter wanted to marry another woman is probably asking too much, too soon


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