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Heavenly Sex

Some people may be offended by the graphic sexual acts portrayed in this image which was posted in the satirical spoof website, The Onion (

But Jews, Christians, Hindus, and Buddhists may be particularly offended by the disrespect displayed towards their respective religions by an image of Moses and Jesus Christ having their erect penises masturbated by Ganesha while he penetrates Buddha’s anus with his fist

In the two days since the Onion published the cartoon, however, there have been no mass protests, violent demonstrations, no assaults on foreign embassies, no killing of foreign diplomats – such as we have seen in response to a film mocking the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) –

‘Allah’ is not the name of a God. It is the arabic name FOR God – the same God worshipped by Jews and Christians ( So it bewilders me that those who worship the one god under different names should fight and kill each other in his name.

It also bewilders me that those who believe in God do not believe he is capable of deciding for himself who has offended him, and then punishing them accordingly at a time and place that suits him, whether that be in this life or the next. It seems arrogant to me for us to presume to know God’s mind and to then kill his children in his name. Since we are all his children, is that not infanticide by proxy?

But then, perhaps these are issues only a man’s brain is capable of understanding !


One comment on “Heavenly Sex

  1. shovonc
    September 28, 2012

    It’s also a question of publicity, Meesha. Pass this one on to a couple of papers in India, and see the sparks fly! As an Indian, just seeing it makes me feel slightly ill at the thought of what could happen.

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