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Free Aseem Trivedi

Mumbai police have arrested Aseem Trivedi and charged him with sedition, alleging one of his cartoons insulted India’s national emblem by replacing the 3 lions with wolves

One of the ‘freedoms’ of a democracy is the freedom of the citizens to criticise the actions and policies of the government. Aseem Trivedi was exercising this democratic right to highlight the corruption rife in India through the medium of his cartoons

There are some mischievous people suggesting that the cartoonist’s arrest was politically motivated. But really, the fact that he supported the anti-corruption stance of Anna Hazare is surely mere coincidence ? 🙄

[A collection of Aseem Trivedi cartoons can be viewed here –]


One comment on “Free Aseem Trivedi

  1. shovonc
    September 13, 2012

    Some people are offended, but that’s no excuse to put him in jail.

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