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Rimsha Masih Update

A few days ago I posted about the case of a young Christian girl arrested in Pakistan, accused of blasphemy after pages of the quran were found amongst some burnt papers she had in her possession. (see – Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law)

Yesterday, Hafiz Mohammed Khalid Jadoon, the iman who presented evidence against the girl was arrested by Pakistani police, accused of planting that evidence on the girl (

iman arrested

The imam was arrested after his deputy Hafiz Zubair and two others told a magistrate he added pages from the Quran to the burnt pages brought to him by a witness,” police investigator Munir Hussain Jaffri said.

When his assistants argued against his action, Jadoon is reported to have said

You know this is the only way to expel the Christians from this area

If true, this highlights once more the need for a reform of Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law – too often false accusations are made against individuals or groups to gain personal or political advantage !


3 comments on “Rimsha Masih Update

  1. Writes2escape
    September 4, 2012

    There are so many loopholes in the Blasphemy law that it needs to be reviewed immediately.
    Incarcerating a Christian girl suffering from Down’s was an insane move by the authorities. I just can’t even…

    • meesha
      September 4, 2012

      Thank you for visiting my blog !

      The only sense I can make of the decision to imprison the girl is that it is a form of protective custody to stop her muslim neighbours taking the law into their own hands ?

      • Writes2escape
        September 4, 2012

        Yes, it could have been a way to stop the angry mob from lynching her, but keeping her incarcerated was no way of treating this manner.
        The people of this country also need to stop seeing matters through closed eyes. We talk about the Blasphemy law, but in reality, that girl might as well had been dead if the mob had their way with her.

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