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Handling Men : Tips from a Mature Woman #1

I was brought up to respect my elders.

It was a good piece of advice. Elders are the repositories of knowledge passed down from generation to generation. Styles and customs may change over time. Technological advances are being made all the time, but some problems are universal and eternal – such as, how does a woman put up with a man?

Left to their own devices, a man likes nothing better than to loll around all day, half-dressed, eating, and drinking, and farting

They get it from Adam, I think. He too liked to hang around all day, butt naked until Eve took him in hand. She gave the poor fool an education and taught him some dress sense! And when he lost his job as a gardener, she was by his side supporting him as he sought alternative employment

Such has been a woman’s lot since the beginning of time – to feed and clothe the men in her life (if left up to them they’d live on fast food and wear the same clothes till they fell off their backs), to educate them and encourage them to strive to better themselves, and ‘service’ them when called upon to do so

It’s no easy task and we seldom get the recognition we deserve.

Let’s be honest here. Men are not the easiest of people to live with and they can sorely try a girl’s patience. At those times, we are lucky we can call upon the accumulated wisdom and experience of the generations of women who have gone before us and the examples they have set for us to follow

Your man troubling you?

Don’t get angry and raise your voice

Instead, follow the path of this ancient one. Your anger will dissipate, leaving you with a feeling of inner peace and tranquillity !


One comment on “Handling Men : Tips from a Mature Woman #1

  1. shovonc
    August 27, 2012

    I don’t fart that much.

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