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Eve Teasing : Meesha’s Solution

‘Eve Teasing’ is a phrase commonly used in cases of sexual assault of women to suggest she brought the attack on herself because of the way she dressed.

It is a telling phrase. Since the dawn of time, men have been blaming women for their inability to keep their dick in their pants

So weak-willed are they that the only way they can keep their penis animal instincts under control is to insist that women dress ‘modestly’

I have a different suggestion

If the sight of a little female flesh or a womanly curve so inflames men’s passion then there are two possible ‘solutions’ to this ‘problem’

The first is to have women ‘cover up’

The second is to leave women to decide for themselves what to wear and have men ‘cover up’ their eyes to avoid seeing what might offend them. Perhaps our desi brothers could follow the example set by these men who also have a problem with immodestly dressed woman? –

P.S. no prizes for guessing which of these two solutions Meesha favours !


4 comments on “Eve Teasing : Meesha’s Solution

  1. Don't Quote Lily
    August 12, 2012

    Very true, I hate when I hear that! Personally, I wouldn’t try dressing too provocatively, but just because a woman wants to be sexy doesn’t mean she’s asking for it. Ugh, (most) men are so weak.

    • meesha
      August 13, 2012

      Some men believe what they want to believe. They can’t accept that a woman does not find them attractive or welcome their advances and see a rejection, I am sure, as a slight on their manhood and in response will attempt to take what is not freely given, justifying their assault by claiming the woman was ‘asking for it’ by the way she dressed or acted

  2. marshonica
    August 15, 2012

    I always remind people that men have been known to rape nuns. Has nothing to do with female provocation, and everything to do with men being violent and domineering.

    • meesha
      August 15, 2012

      Good point about the nuns. I’m going to steal that! 😉

      I think you’re right, too, about the ‘domineering’ part. If men had such an overpowering urge to ejaculate, they could masturbate or employ the services of a prostitute. In many cases, I think rape is not primarily about the man’s need for sex, but his need for ‘control’, to overpower and humiliate the woman. Perhaps because he has no control over other aspects of his life? Has low status, little respect amongst his peers? All sort of reasons why he might feel ‘inadequate’, less of a man, amongst his peers and use rape to bolster his self-esteem, to savour the feeling of power at holding the fate of another human being in his hands ?

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