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Abortion : This is My Body

Abortion arouses strong feelings on both sides of the debate. There are those who believe it is always wrong. Those who believe it is a woman’s right to choose (it is her body). And those who accept it under certain circumstances, e.g., if the woman is pregnant as a result of being raped

At the heart of the debate are different opinions as to when the foetus becomes a ‘human’ – from the moment of conception or at a later stage of development ?

My own view is that life begins when brain waves from the cortex are detected (around 26 – 27 weeks)

Having said that,

if I should be unfortunate to find myself pregnant with an unwanted baby, I don’t think I would have the strength of will to abort it. Though if I was pregnant as the result of rape, I would probably have to give the child up for adoption since I can’t imagine being able to love a child if every time I looked at it I was reminded of the brutal circumstances in which it was conceived

While I personally would find it difficult to have an abortion, I would not condemn another woman for doing so. We each must make our own choices, in line with our beliefs, and live with the consequences of that decision – no matter how painful it may be. It is important, however, that the ability to make that choice is open to us. It is our bodies, after all. Our freedom of action should not be curtailed by men, no matter how well-intentioned they may be. We are not children. We are adults and should be allowed to control what happens/is done to our bodies

(This is a complex subject and one which I may return to in a future post when I have time to cover it in more detail)


3 comments on “Abortion : This is My Body

  1. Don't Quote Lily
    July 31, 2012

    Agreed, definitely a tough subject to tackle, but I like your views. I too don’t think I could ever do that (unless it was a result of rape) but it’s not really fair to judge others like you say. Although personally, if a girl is intentionally reckless about it because she’ll just abort if she gets pregnant, I don’t agree with that. At least TRY not to get pregnant if you don’t want to. Anyway, don’t mean to rant. Great post!

    • meesha
      August 1, 2012

      Thank you for your comment. It made me think a bit more on the subject. I, too, don’t agree with abortion being used as an after the act form of contraception. Nor do I agree with gender-based abortion, i.e., selective abortion of female foetuses because a girl is viewed as a less ‘valuable’ addition to the family compared to a male child

      Gosh, you’ve made me realise my views on abortion are more complex (and confused) than I first thought! 😳

      • Don't Quote Lily
        August 1, 2012

        Yup. It’s definitely one of those subjects that one could talk about for a while, because there’s just a lot involved!

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