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Why Facebook is a No-No for Me

People give me strange looks when I tell them. It’s obvious they think I am weird. And I guess I am. When every man (and woman) and his dog (and let’s not forget the cats) is on Facebook, it must seem as if I am at the very least anti-social or worse, a sociopath because I don’t do Facebook

But there are perfectly sound reasons why you won’t find me on Facebook

a. I don’t want my career options jeopardized by my present or future employer disliking something I might carelessly post on Facebook

b. I don’t want my marital prospects jeopardized by potential in-laws checking me out on FB and not liking what they find. I’m at enough of a disadvantage already because of my looks – that damn moustache** – without shooting myself in the foot with embarrassing revelations on Facebook.

** Actually, it is a very fine moustache. What with that and my bushy eyebrows, some people (I hesitate to call them friends exactly) have said I look like a certain movie star ?

What do you think? 😆

My main reason for avoiding Facebook, though is fear of being stalked.

Not by an axe-wielding psycho or by a love-struck ex-boyfriend but by my relatives. I love them (honest, I do – well, most of them – some of the time, anyway) but being part of a large family means privacy is a somewhat rare commodity, so it is something I treasure and try to protect.

My mum and my aunts have embraced the internet with open arms. Two sites in particular have become their firm favourites, Saadi and Facebook.

Saadi is pored over looking for suitable partners for their unmarried sons and daughters (‘suitable’ in my case, means a lawyer, doctor, dentist 🙄 ) and comparing notes with one another.

For families that are spread across the world, Facebook is a wonderful tool to enable relatives separated by distance to keep in touch with each other, sharing news and photographs of events in their lives almost as they happen.

It is also, as my aunties have discovered, a great source for gossip – an online soap opera starring their own families.

I picture them hunched over their laptops, ghosts of Macbeth’s witches

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.
Oh my gosh, what do I see
Naughty Meesha, dearie me

haunting Facebook spying on the doings of other family members – who’s doing what? and to whom? And tut-tutting with disapproval. Poring over photographs. Who’s not wearing well? Who’s putting on weight? Is that a new sofa in the background?

Now do you understand why I am not on Facebook ? 😆


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This entry was posted on July 27, 2012 by in Humor.
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