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Indecent Proposal

Dianna emailed me yesterday.

Hi, I am your sweet strawberry. A beauty from ur hottest fantasies!
I could demonstrate shots of mine if wanna see me and u will understand that I’m right.
U will dream about me all of ur free time!
My name’s Dianna and I am a very playful beauty.
Let’s chat for a while and there r no doubts you’ll be thinking about me! Who knows, maybe we will go to club, go traveling or have fun in my bedroom.
Let’s start satisfying ur fantasies together, sweety!

I read her email twice then sat down to compose a reply . . .

Dear Dianna,

Thank you for taking the trouble to write me. I am most flattered by . . . your kind invite to chat, meet up, and have fun sharing fantasies. Before this relationship goes any further, however, I feel duty bound to clear up a possible misunderstanding. It’s true I have a troublesome mustache (thank goodness for the niqab!) but I am reminded each month that I am, despite outward appearances, a female. As such, my romantic yearnings have till now been directed towards men. To tell the truth, though, I have not had much luck attracting a man (that damn mustache!) and perhaps it is now time to explore alternatives. This will require some necessary adjustment to my fantasies but I am willing to make the effort if you are too.

Awaiting your reply in eager anticipation, my sweet strawberry


P.S. I have enclosing some recent photos of myself for your pleasure –

with niqab

without niqab

One comment on “Indecent Proposal

  1. Don't Quote Lily
    July 26, 2012

    Haha, funny post. 😉

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