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A Father’s Unconditional Love for his Daughter

A school has expelled a 13 yr old girl, under pressure from parents who did not want their children being taught alongside her

Her crime?

She gave birth to a baby boy after being raped by a neighbour’s son

Sadly, young girls being raped and becoming pregnant as a result is not an uncommon occurrence in India

What makes this particular story worthy of comment is the attitude of the girl’s family, particularly her father

Too often, a girl finding herself in this situation will be deemed to have brought dishonour and shame on the family and be treated accordingly. This young unmarried mother, however, has an exceptional father.

I have a small business of broken tiles. I am raising four children and I don’t mind raising the fifth child. I will give him my best till I have the strength”, he said

Now if only more fathers were as supportive of their daughters as is he and put the welfare of their own family first rather than shaping their behaviour to comply with cultural/societal ideas of ‘honour’ !

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