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Guwahati Mob Strip Girl

No question what story has been dominating the media here the last few days.

A young girl leaving a pub in Guwahati on Monday night was attacked by a group of men, beaten, stripped and sexually assaulted.

This would be a shameful thing in itself. Making it worse was the fact that it was all caught on film by a TV crew who did nothing to help the girl. Instead, they filmed her ordeal for 30 minutes before contacting the police.

The attackers clearly knew they were being filmed, many of the men looking directly at the camera and smiling. By not intervening to stop the attack, the action of the TV crew may have been seen by the men as tacit approval of their behaviour.

Some have gone further and suggested that the TV crew encouraged/instigated the assault on the girl

Following the public outcry over the attack and the action or inaction of the TV crew, both the reporter and the editor of the station have resigned

Sadly, attacks on women are an all too common occurrence and in many instances, women subjected to these assaults can not rely on assistance from the police (see

Such shameful behaviour betrays a disrespect for women as persons. Do men who carry out such attacks view all women, including their mothers and sisters, as not worthy of respect, as mere objects to be used by men as the whim takes them? Or would they be horrified if their mothers and sisters were to be victims of sexual assault? And if so, how do they reconcile this schizophrenic attitude that would not like their own mothers or sisters assaulted while happily going out and assaulting someone else’s mother or sister?

If anyone can explain this to me, please do !


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