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Love Marriages Banned in Aasra

The village of Aasra is just 50 km from Delhi. It is in the news because village elders have issued a number of Taliban-like decrees against women, banning those under 40 from going out alone and insisting that when they do go out they must cover their heads

The elders (men) claim these measures are in response to a number of incidents in which women have been harassed (by men). In their peculiar male logic, the solution to this problem is not to curtail the activities of the perpetrators of such harassment (men) but to limit the freedom of the victims (women)

This is the same perverted (male) logic that blames a rape victim of being at fault for having dressed ‘immodestly’ !

In other measures, the elders have banned women under 40 from using a cell phone outside their homes and have warned that couples who marry for love will not be allowed to live in the village

Only 50 km from Delhi, Aasra is a great deal further removed from Delhi in attitudes. So tempted to give vent to a Meesha Rant. Instead, here’s a bit of humor


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