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3 year old girl kidnapped from Mumbai Station

Police in Mumbai have released CCTV footage in the hope the public can help identify a man caught on film kidnapping a 3yr old girl at Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) while her parents slept nearby.

The man, who walks with a limp, is seen getting off a train in the early hours of the morning then wandering round the station before sitting down by a family who were all fast asleep.

After a few moments, he slung the 3yr old girl over his shoulder and walked off while her parents continued to sleep.

I can’t imagine the fear and pain the parents felt when they awoke to find their daughter gone. Nor the confusion and fright the girl felt when she awoke to find herself with a stranger.

I pray someone recognises this man from the video and comes forward with information that can help the police find him and restore this little girl to her parents quickly before any harm befalls her


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