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How to pleasure please your husband

A TOI article caught my eye

Compliments your man wants to hear

Well I’m all for an easy life and if it makes him happy then I’m happy too. Besides, there were only 5. I felt sure I could manage 5. I settled down to read

1. Tell him how fantastic he is in the bedroom. (Hhmmm, I might have a problem with that one)
2. Tell him that you couldn’t cope without him (pretend I can’t do anything for myself? I’m not sure about this one either)
3. Tell him you want to spend more time with him (No, no, no. Too dangerous. He might take me up on this one. I need space. I need ‘Me’ time)
4. Tell him how good he is at his job ( O.K. this one’s good. And if it encourages him to spend more time at work, that means more ‘ME’ time for me)
5. Tell him how ‘hot’ he is and reinforce the point by gently touching his man parts (touching his man’s parts is good. I’m O.K. with that)

Having carefully considered these suggested ways to make your man happy, I have come to the conclusion they are overly complicated, involve telling lies, and require the woman to devalue her own worth

If you want to please your man, Meesha suggests you can safely drop Nos 1-4 on the above list. Men are not that difficult to please – a teasing touch to their man parts every now and again should do the trick!

P.S. the original article can be read here –


2 comments on “How to pleasure please your husband

  1. duncanr
    July 6, 2012

    ‘a teasing touch . . .’

    works for me every time 😆

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